Florida Marriage License

Your important Florida marriage license facts:

  • You need a Florida marriage license to get married in Florida
  • You can obtain your Florida marriage license in any county in Florida. It does not have to be obtained from the county you are getting married in
  • If BOTH of you are non-Florida residents, you can get your Florida marriage license the same day (If you reserve your date with us, we can tell you how to get your marriage license by mail, at no additional cost, just the cost of the marriage license!)
  • If one, or both of you, are a Florida resident, there is a three day waiting period, and this waiting period does not include the day you obtain your marriage license — so don’t wait until the day before your wedding ceremony — the license will not be valid yet!
  • Your Florida marriage license is NOT INCLUDED in any of our packages. The couple getting married, must obtain their own marriage license.
  • No blood tests are needed to obtain your license
  • You will need a valid photo ID to obtain your marriage license
  • If one, or either of you has been divorced, you will need the date your divorce was final
  • Your Florida marriage license is valid in all 50 states, as well as internationally. If traveling internationally, you will have to register your certified copy of your marriage license with your country for validation.
  • You do not need a Florida Marriage license for any vow renewal ceremony.
  • You must bring your Florida marriage license with you to our beach wedding ceremony site. We will take it with us and officially file it after the ceremony.
  • As of now, the cost of a Florida marriage license is $86.50
  • Below you will find the link  for all  Florida Clerk’s offices where you will be able to obtain your marriage license (Note:  St. Augustine is in St. John’s County)
  • When purchasing a package with us: We will provide you with the information you need to obtain your Florida Marriage License By Mail (for all of our non-Florida residents).

Florida Clerks Offices

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