Jacksonville Beach Weddings – Let’s Get Married in Jacksonville!

Why choose Jacksonville for your beach wedding? Located just North of St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach is a small coastal resort community.  Boasting over 11 miles of beach front.  A surprising fact, it is located right next to the city of Jacksonville, which is the largest metropolitan city in Florida.  Jacksonville Beach is a quiet surprise within this large city area.  Home to only 21,000 residents, Jacksonville Beach has several beach front hotels.  Along with a vibrant night life, great surfing, and several golf venues.  Don’t forget the quaint shops, and award-winning restaurants.  You, and your guests, can enjoy the nightlife, kick back, and relax while enjoying a drink at one of the several beach front bars.  Why not check out all there is to do in Jacksonville?


Getting to Jacksonville Beach for your wedding is easy.  With an international airport right in Jacksonville, you will be able to fly right into Jacksonville.  Now you will just a short ride to the beaches.  There is also a cruise port in Jacksonville, so after you have your memorable, and beautiful, Jacksonville Beach Wedding, why not head to the cruise terminal and start your honeymoon!  Jacksonville Beach is conveniently located just north of St. Augustine Beach.  Another great location for a short honeymoon getaway!


There are several hotels directly on Jacksonville Beach, where you can stay, walk right outside onto the beach and join your guests. They will relax and enjoy your beach wedding.  And, why not have your first kiss as a married couple right on the beach!  Next, after we take some great photos, you can walk back to the hotel and enjoy your planned party, or reception.


Jacksonville Beach Weddings, a welcome destination for your guests.  Not only because of the beaches, the surfing, the golfing, but of so many other things to do.  How about a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo?  With vast areas of beautiful beaches and waterways, Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the country.  Families, foodies, nature lovers, couples, history buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts, will appreciate all that Jacksonville has to offer.  Plus, with your Jacksonville Beach Wedding being planned here, all your family, and cherished friends will want to come.  Jacksonville Beach Weddings – a perfect place for your unforgettable wedding!  We would love to discuss your Jacksonville Beach wedding details, so why not contact us today!