It’s almost here. The day you’ve been waiting for! Your wedding day! And although it’s tempting to squeeze in those last few to-do’s or shed those last few pre-wedding pounds, be careful with any drastic changes the week before your wedding. It’s tempting to hit the spa, salon, or gym to get ready for the big day. But don’t push it and end up with wedding regrets. Check out this list of 5 things you should steer clear of the week before your wedding day.

5 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding

week before your wedding

1. New Skin Care Products

We know. You want a fresh, smooth glow. But the week before your wedding is not the time to get a peel, microdermabrasion or other types of facials. These treatments can leave your skin flaky, peeling, red and irritated for days and sometimes week. Red, flaky, and irritated should be associated with anything to do with your wedding day. So save your facials for after the honeymoon.

This also means don’t add any new moisturizers, make up, or creams to your regimen. Dawning new make up for you big day is fine, but don’t wait until the day of to try it out. This is especially true for you sensitive skin gals out there. Again no redness or irritations please.

2. New Hair

A fresh trim or color touch up is fine. But don’t decide to try out a pixie cut or experiment with red hair for the first time on your wedding day. Your hair certainly shouldn’t define you, but don’t shock your groom and guests with an extraordinary new hair style the week before your wedding. You should be walking down the aisle looking like you, fresh and beautiful!

3. Work Outs/Diet Cramming

Unless you are eloping, you probably have had plenty of time to prepare for your wedding day. So don’t decide the week before your wedding that you want to “tone up” or lose a few pounds. A brisk walk or swim is a great way to release some endorphins and get things moving pre-wedding. An intense new work out is a recipe for muscle soreness, injury, and fatigue. And speaking of recipes, a healthy, well balanced diet is all you need to feel good the week leading up to your wedding. Don’t throw your digestive system into a frenzy with an extreme diet or fasting. Your groom will love you, all of you. Be confident, take care of yourself, and you’re sure to feel healthy and strong on your wedding day!

4. Alcohol

A mimosa, glass of wine, celebratory cocktail. Those are all fine. The key is to keep it to a minimum. Let’s skip the lecture on excessive alcohol consumption and stick to the simple facts. Too much alcohol will leave you bloated, red faced, tired, dehydrated, headachy, and hungover. So the only spinning  you should experience the week before your wedding should be on the dance floor! Cheers to that!

5. Too Much Sun

Ah, a beach wedding. This likely means you like the beach, right? Of course! So if you plan on spending time outdoors the days leading up to your wedding, be sun smart. Drink lots of water, especially in the summer months. And lather up with sunscreen. Even a cloudy or cool day in Florida can still leave your skin exposed to UV rays. And remember of course this is true at the beach or poolside, but even sitting on the outside deck of a restaurant can leave your exposed skin burnt! Ok, so for the third time this post, NO REDNESS on your wedding day!


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