So you’re a meat and potatoes kind of bride, eh? Skip all elaborate, time consuming details and seal the wedding deal. That’s very likable. Whatever your reason for eloping, we have the plan to make your St. Augustine Beach Elopement special, personal, and let’s not forget, affordable. And maybe you’re thinking, “But is an elopement really that simple?” Well, YES! And by the end of this post, you’ll know everything that goes into planning a beach elopement. And in less than 24 hours, and less than $1,000 you can plan your entire beach wedding. Move aside, Vegas, the beach elopement is here!


5 Simple Steps for Planning a St. Augustine Beach Elopement

st. augustine beach elopement

1. Choose Your Wedding Date

Elopements are often associated with short engagement periods, but not always. So maybe you just decided to get hitched and want to make an immediate wedding getaway. Great! Or maybe you’ve been planning an elaborate wedding for months but overwhelmed and ready to get back to the basics. Whatever your story, let’s get this wedding show on the road!

2. Make Your Deposit

Once you’ve decided your date, your deposit ($300) will reserve your selected St. Augustine beach elopement date. And this deposit goes towards your package price ($799).

3. Choose Exact Time and Ceremony Decor

Are you looking for an early morning wedding with a quiet, intimate ceremony? Or will your wedding bells be ringing in the afternoon/evening hours?

And upon your deposit payment, you will receive the User ID and Password to our selections pages.  Here you can make all of your important beach wedding ceremony selections.  A confirmation packet will be sent to you via email, where you can fill in all of your contact information, and selections electronically. Our professional design experience allows for easy decisions on your end and you can keep it as neutral or colorful as you like!

4. Getting Here/Staying Here

Read below for everything Your St. Augustine Company covers for your beach elopement. But, you basically just need to find a way to get to the beach, find something to wear, and come with marriage license in hand! 🙂

With Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Sanford International Airports all within 10 minutes- 70 minutes of the beach, your travel choices are great. Which means, odds are good for finding an affordable flight for your St. Augustine Beach Elopement .

We’ve even already taken care of hotel research. Read our post on the best St. Augustine Beach Wedding Hotels. 

5. Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is such a timeless right of passage for brides. And just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t pick out an elaborate wedding dress. Or, maybe you love the idea of a casual wedding dress. Whatever your style, whatever your budget, choose a dress/groom attire that suits you and matches your personality.


That’s it. Seriously. You just basically planned your St. Augustine Beach Elopement . Ready to run away and tie the knot? Click HERE to book your St. Augustine Beach Elopement today!