So let’s assume that your St. Augustine Beach Wedding is all booked, paid for, and planned out. Now, it’s the big day, your wedding day so let’s make sure you’re ready!

Your Wedding Day – What You Need to Know

Good Morning, Sunshine!

day of beach wedding

So this is going to sound like your high school teacher the day before a big test. But never the less, it’s still sound advice for your wedding day. A good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast are the basics for starting your wedding day. So try to get a good night’s sleep (I know, nerves, last minute details..). But at least plan on being IN bed at your usual time, even if you count a few extra sheep or read a few more pages than usual.

And don’t start off your day with a sprint. Plan a healthy breakfast and allow PLENTY of time to get ready before your ceremony. Any and all planning should be done before your wedding day. So all you procrastinators (yeah, you, the one reading this post the night before your wedding 😉 ), don’t wait until the last minute to figure out who’s driving who to the wedding or think you’ll have time to run to the court house the day of for your marriage license. Not happening.



day of your wedding


Determine travel times to and from hair/make up appointments and plan accordingly. Also be sure to communicate with your stylist/artists what time you need to be walking out the door. This will keep everybody prepared, calm, and well groomed (pardon the wedding pun). 🙂 Oh, and brides. Be on time. Simple.


Dressing Up

day of wedding

It’s best to get dressed about 20-30 minutes before you need to be walking out the door to your ceremony site. Getting dressed too early sets up for too many potential mishaps- spills, discomfort, snags, creases…. You get the point. Do any last minute make up touches BEFORE putting on your dress. And also take a bathroom visit immediately before getting dressed. The extra time allows for any pinning, accessorizing, undergarmet shifting, or other last minute tweaks.


Arriving to Your Final Destination- Ceremony Location

day of your wedding


Well, it’s here. It’s showtime! Your Wedding Day! Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding Planner will have previously sent you a timeline for the day. So stick to that and you’ll be good to go! Your timeline will include the following:

  • Exact beach location and address
  • Ceremony start time
  • Description of your package choices/set up
  • Reminder to BRING YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE (your marriage is NOT official without this)
  • Guests should arrive at ceremony location 30 minutes prior to ceremony start (a good idea to make note of arrival times on your Beach Wedding Invitation).
  • Groom & Bridal Party should arrive to ceremony location 20 minutes prior to start time.
  • Bride should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to ceremony start at the location determined by wedding planner (indicated in timeline email)
  • Any other additions, details, or pertinent information will be included in the timeline email


Is all of this sounding like the wedding day you’ve been dreaming about? Click HERE to book your St. Augustine Beach Wedding!