So what do you think of when you hear the word beach? Fun, relaxing, beautiful? Well just add the word “wedding” after beach and you can keep those same descriptions. And guess what?  Beach wedding planning can fun, relaxing, and beautiful be all that too. Don’t believe it? Well, let’s break down some beach wedding planning responsibilities and you’ll see just what we’re talking about it.


Beach Wedding Planning Responsibilities:

Who does what?

So let’s take a look at responsibilities by title. There’s a breakdown for wedding planner and bride & groom,

Wedding Planner

Now we can’t speak for all wedding planners, but here’s what you’ll get with Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding. And, **spoiler alert**, you may be shocked to see just how little work you actually have to do. Our M.O. is “one stop shop” at affordable prices. So here goes, Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding Planner will:

  • Obtain any required beach permits
  • Provide guidance in choosing exact ceremony location, time, and package options
  • Provide officiant, who will perform, and coordinate, your beach wedding ceremony
  • Provide ceremony and vows
  • Provide consultations by phone and email
  • Provide ceremony decorations– this varies on package selection
  • Provide recorded music for ceremony played on our PA system
  • Provide Unity Sand Ceremony, including: decorated sand ceremony table, keepsake vase, sand color choices
  • Provide Photographer at ceremony site
  • Legal filing of your Florida marriage license

So that’s pretty much everything you need for a beach wedding. In conclusion, you just basically show up. So what let’s before you show up? Well..

Bride & Groom

So with the help of Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding Company, there isn’t much you’ll need to worry day of. There are just a few things you’ll need to get in order before the big day.

  • Bride & Groom Attire– Find out what we have to say about choosing the perfect beach wedding dress or groom attire!
  • Choose Decor: Our pre-determind packages are perfectly designed with beach couples in mind. Just choose your style and colors and we’ll put it all together for a stunning wedding ceremony.
  • Transportation– Planes, trains, automobiles. Ya know, find out how you’re getting to and from your destination beach wedding location.
  • Hotel Accommodations– It’s customary for the bride and groom to not only find suitable lodging accommodations for themselves, but also for traveling guests. Find out which St. Augustine hotels make our top list.
  • Invites– Send them out in plenty of time, especially important for destination weddings.
  • Favors/Gifts– Traditionally, couples gift wedding party members with something memorable/significant. And if you want to go above and beyond, destination wedding favors are a great way to make guests feel extra special and welcome.
  • Hair/Make Up– So if you’re hiring professional help in the hair and make up department, be sure to book ahead of time. While if you’re fine D.I.Y., we have some very helpful beach wedding make up tips.
  • Marriage License– Though we handle the legal filing post wedding, you must apply for/obtain a Florida marriage license. 


So hopefully that clears things up in the beach wedding planning responsibilities realm. In addition, if you’re only planning concern is, “When do I say, ‘I do?’, then CLICK HERE to book your St. Augustine Beach Wedding.