Having your friends stand by you on your wedding day is more than just a tradition. It’s a friend’s way of saying, “I love you, I support you in your marriage, and I’ve got your back.” And choosing your beach wedding bridesmaid is like choosing who to give the other half of your buff charm. Ya’ll know what i’m talking about…


And once you’ve established your bridal party, the next step is to choose the right beach wedding bridesmaid style.

Bride Guide: Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Style

Use this guide to help you mesh your destination beach wedding style with your bridal party style.

  • Color: This is probably the biggest statement when it comes to the overall aesthetic look of your wedding. Are you into bright and bold or are you looking to go natural and blend in with the beach scene? Browse our galleries here, here, and here to  see what colors are your style.  Remember to think about the BIG picture. Envision you and your bridal party in front of these set ups and decide what look you want to achieve. And remember, you can totally go for matching dress and decor(bold or neutral), complimentary but not quite “matching” colors, or a neutral for set up and bold dresses (or vice versa).


  • Style: Consider your subjects here. Do you have a variety of body types or maybe just one or two ladies similarly built friends standing up in your wedding. This is a good place to be able to make the final call, but get advice from your bridesmaids so they feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. There’s lots of resources for body types and flattering styles just like this one. And remember you can choose one style for all or do a little mixing and matching within the same color family.


  • Budget Friendly: You probably have a good idea of where your friends stand financially (ballpark figure anyways). So consider this when choosing dresses. If you’re friend is scraping the bank just to travel and attend your wedding, don’t send her into debt over a dress. There are lots of affordable bridesmaid dresses. Some tips for saving money include:
    • Shopping last year’s styles
    • Looking in nontraditional dress stores (think Macy’s, Dillard’s formal clearance section)
    • Shop local: Support local business and do yourself a favor by checking out your local bridal shop’s sale rack. Often they need to clear previous season’s dresses to make room for the next batcg.
    • Resale- Check sites like Ebay or a local Facebook resale site. This is especially convenient if you are mixing and matching styles or colors.


Hopefully this guide has you started on the path to planning your dream beach wedding.

And if you need some more help with designing and planning, contact us here!