Wake up. Make up. Your big day is almost here and you want to look your best. So whatever your make up style, here are some tips to keep your beach wedding make up looking effortlessly flawless. Just like your wedding should be!

Tips for Beach Wedding Make Up


Make Up Budget: Can you afford to hire a pro? Go for it! And if not, don’t worry. Either way, you should look like yourself on your wedding day. Not some overdone, shiny version of yourself. 🙂 You can also visit a make up counter for a “trial” and get tips and tricks to use on your wedding day. Some places, like MAC, will do the make over complimentary but prefer you purchase a product or two. And of course, don’t forget to tip.

Not Your Everyday Event: So your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. But when it comes to make up, your look shouldn’t be too far from your everyday look. Consider adding some highlighter/bronzer or a fun new lip color. However, if you’ve never worn a smokey eye or red lipstick a day in your life, your wedding day may not be the time to try it out.

Product: You can search YouTube, Pinterest, and every other blog out there. You’ll end up worse off than when you started with over-information, contradicting product reviews, and feeling like you need a small loan to buy new make up. If you already have make up that you use and love, stick with that product line and make sure it’s stocked and fresh. Another good resource is a place like Ulta. The employees can help you whatever your budget and you can mix and match brands according to your beach wedding make up needs.

Special Touch: Maybe you want that beach glow for your wedding day. Consider a spray tan and you’ll look like you’ve already honey-mooned in the islands! Best advice here is to do a trial run. Try a spray tan MONTHS in advance because it take a couple weeks to fully wear off. Even if this is a destination wedding, you can find the spray company, like Mystic Tan, and locate a tanning salon with comparable services both locally and at your destination.

Beach Specific: So the main difference between an indoor wedding and an outdoor wedding revolves around the sun (pardon the pun). For a beach wedding you may want to consider a make with SPF to avoid a burn, depending on the time of day and duration of your wedding. Waterproof and long-wear products are also great for any wedding day, but especially at the beach. Keep a lip gloss and powder on hand for touch ups. And don’t forget to powder and gloss before your post wedding photos.


Making up your mind about all this make up? 🙂 Ready to say “I do” with your fresh look? Click here to book!