Simply serene. Your casual beach wedding dress should be the perfect compliment to your beach wedding atmosphere. But just because you’ve got a laid back feel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Check out some of the hottest trends in casual wedding dress options and find the perfect fit for your wedding day. Don’t forget to check out our previous post for your must-read beach wedding dress guide.


 Latest Styles in Casual Beach Wedding Dress


Practical Romance: This classic feminine lace paired with a breathable chiffon bottom is the perfect combination for a beach wedding. This mix of fabrics is perfect for the beach bride looking for a romantic gown with complete sun and sand functionality.

casual beach wedding dress

Boho Beach Bride: If dreamcatchers, flower headbands, and wavy beach hair are your love language this is the look for you. Thin straps or unique cuts are fun way to show off your unique, yet feminine style. Barefeet, beach sun-kissed hair, and a simple earthy floral touch bring this whole look together. Just be aware of floor length fabrics (avoid heavy lace bottoms and silk to avoid dragging through the sand).

             casual beach wedding dresscausal beach wedding dress


The Tradition Continues: If beach wedding is your dream but you hate to give up the idea of a traditional bridal look, fear not. You can still achieve the classic white wedding bride look with smart style choices. The main thing is to be aware of the heat and sand. Breathable fabrics like chiffon maintain the traditional look without leaving you sweaty and weighed down. You can also start with ball gown in mind but go for a short version like the one below.

casual beach wedding dress   casual beach wedding dress

Think Outside the Box: Lastly, we look at the bride who wants to bend the rules when it comes to bridal fashion.  Two piece dress, asymmetrical cuts, or a flashback vintage look. Don’t be afraid to bring your unique look to the beach!

  causal beach wedding dress casual beach wedding dress casual beach wedding dress