Laid back and relaxed, small and intimate, or straight beach party. Whatever the feel of your wedding ceremony, here are some tips for choosing the perfect groom beach wedding attire. And brides, we have some helpful hints for you too!


5 Tips for Groom Beach Wedding Attire

  1. Practically Speaking: So the fact you’ve chosen a beach wedding hints at the fact that you’re outdoorsy and appreciate nature’s beauty. Don’t let your beach wedding attire steal the joy a beach wedding has to offer. Rather, let your style blend in. So what does that mean? Avoid clunky shoes, multiples layers, and thick fabrics. Wear lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen and stick with lighter colors. The colors will compliment the beach scene and also will leave you feeling much cooler.
  2. Barefoot Bliss- We’ve already said to ditch the clunky shoes, so what options does that leave you with? Well, you can choose a classic boat shoe, flip flops, or lose the shoes altogether and go barefoot. Anything more will have you weighed down in the sand and enough sand in your shoes to fill a child’s sandbox.
  3. Well Suited: Consider your season. St. Augustine Beach weddings are pretty consistently warm MOST of the year. Save the three piece suit another day. You don’t have to lose the traditional groom wedding attire look however. A classic white shirt with a vest paired with a nice pair of Chinos is a great option. You can even get a little creative with colored chinos. Or add a pop of color to a white button up with a fun bow tie or suspenders. For winter weddings, jackets and dark colors are a go, so just check out the trending temps before you pick your style!
  4. Accessorize: Ok, accessorizing isn’t just for the bride. There are lots of ways to add a personal touch to your groom beach wedding attire style. Check out cuff links, tie clips, or┬ánautical bow ties.
  5. Dry Run: Light colors, linens, and cottons are all ideal groom beach wedding attire. However, let’s make sure whatever fabric you’ve chosen that your undergarments are not public information. The outdoor sun can shine right through those dapper linen pants and reveal a pair of bright boxer briefs. So, it’s best to give your ensemble an outdoor test drive before the big day!