St. Augustine Beach Weddings

St. Augustine Beach Weddings are everything you have been dreaming of and more. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, allowing you and your guests to marvel at the historic sites throughout the town. With beautiful, coquina sand beaches, unique reception options, and many historic tours to embark on, St. Augustine Beach Weddings is the ideal choice for a Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony.

How does a St. Augustine Beach Wedding work?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive, is how does a St. Augustine beach wedding work?   Especially from all of the couples that come from around the country and want to get married in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, or Palm Coast.  Most of our couples are from out of state, so this question is definitely one of our most asked.

Choose Your Wedding Date:  When considering what date to get married, keep in mind the following: 

  • While it seems like a good idea to combine a Holiday weekend with your wedding, don’t forget, many people consider the beach to be the number one destination on a Holiday weekend.  And, hotels and airfare are usually more expensive on holiday weekends, also.
  • July and August are the hottest months in Florida.  If you choose these months, an early morning wedding, or an early evening wedding, will be your available choices for your beach wedding in Florida.
  • Consult with your immediate family, and the close friends that you would want to have there for your wedding ceremony.  Make sure they don’t have an event that would make it absolutely impossible for them to be able to attend.  While all guests that you would want to attend, may not be able to, you will still want to make sure your immediate family, and most treasured guests can attend your Florida beach wedding.

Choose Your Beach Wedding Package

Look through our packages page, and decide which package would work for you.  If it is a simple elopement for just the two of you, and possibly a few guests, then our Simply Package is just the right fit.  If you want a beautifully decorated ceremony with all the custom decor, and chilled bottles of water on ince for your guests, then one of our Distinctive Design Packages is the right fit.  And, with the Nautical Knot and the Destiny Packages also top choices, you have a wide variety of beach wedding packages to choose from

Make Your Deposit to Reserve Your Date:

Your deposit will reserve your date.  This amount will be subtracted from your chosen package price.

Choose Your City, Wedding Time, and Selections:

Once your beach wedding package is chosen, and reserved.  You will need to choose your location.  Check out some of our available locations below.  Whether you choose a Jacksonville Beach Wedding, a St. Augustine Beach Wedding, or a Flagler Beach Wedding, we have a beach wedding location that is easily accessible for you, and your guests.  In St. John’s county (the county that St. Augustine is located in)  a beach wedding permit is required for all beach weddings.  We will of course, obtain the permit for you, and add the permit fees to your beach wedding package.

Your ceremony time will be determined by the sunset time, and, in some instances, the tides.   The sun does not set on this East coast, but the sky has all the great changing colors of the sunset, so we schedule most weddings in the early evening.

When your deposit is received, you will receive a ceremony portal.  Where you can make all of your important beach wedding ceremony selections.  A confirmation packet will be sent to you via email, where you can fill in all of your contact information, and selections electronically.

You will also receive a detailed ceremony agenda the week of your wedding ceremony (based on your selections, location, etc…)  You will know exactly where to be, and at what time.  Your guests will also be informed, which makes for a stress-free Florida beach wedding.

Destination Weddings in Florida are great.  And, with Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding, you will receive all the information, and guidance needed to have a successful, beautiful, and memorable beach wedding ceremony!

Choose Your Beach Wedding Location

Choosing a beach wedding location can often be the most difficult decision to make. Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding Company is here to help. Whether you are looking for St. Augustine Beach Weddings, a Jacksonville Beach Wedding or a Palm Coast Beach Wedding, we have scoped out the best beaches for you. Not sure what city to have your beach wedding? Read about the areas below.

St. Augustine and north florida beach weddings.

Jacksonville Beach Weddings

Beach weddings in Jacksonville:  A large Florida city, but with a small, eclectic beach front community of hotels and restaurants.  Close proximity to TPC Sawgrass Golf Village (for those golfing enthusiasts!).  Your guests can visit the Jacksonville Zoo, as well as other musuems and attractions.  And, they can fly directly into the Jacksonville International Airport to attend your wedding ceremony.


St. Augustine beach weddings are the perfect place to share a romantic moment like this bride and groom are doing.

St. Augustine Beach Weddings

The oldest city in the United States.  With the downtown area of St. Augustine, and the small beach community of small hotels, condominiums and beach homes, you are truly getting the best of both worlds.  With St. Augustine beach weddings it is like getting to vacations in one spot:  lazy days spent on the beach, and a nightlife with great food and bars, along the historic downtown buildings.


Palm Coast and Flagler Beach Wedding Ceremony with coral decor and bamboo canopy.

Palm Coast Beach Weddings

Palm Coast is located within Flagler Beach.  A truly unique beach community with Hammock Dunes being the cornerstone of accommodations.  Between the Golfing, Resort, and beautiful beach homes, Flagler Beach/Palm Coast makes for a truly family experience.  Mala Compra Beach Park a quick drive and has a great, almost private beach feel.




The St. Augustine area has an endless array of activities:

St. Augustine

  • Ghost Tours
  • Beach Days
  • Visit the Fort
  • Shop the local shops
  • Ride a horse and carriage
  • St. Augustine Light House and Museum

Jacksonville Area

  • Beach Days
  • Enjoy the night life
  • Visit the Jacksonville Zoo
  • St. Johns Town Center
  • Debark for your cruise honeymoon at Jacksonville Port

Having a St. Augustine Wedding Ceremony is the best decision you can make

(as well as choosing “Your St. Augustine Beach Wedding” to help you achieve your dream beach wedding). We take care of the set-up, the breakdown, we pull the permits, provide a detailed timeline of your ceremony and much more to make your day as stress-free as possible. We understand how hard it can be planning a destination wedding, and we strive to continue to make it as easy as possible for our bride’s to have their dreams come true. Contact Us today to start planning your St. Augustine Beach Wedding with a professional, reliable and experienced beach wedding company.

What makes us different


This is our business. We have been performing beach weddings in Florida since 2007. We have continued to expand and grow.   We now cover the state of Florida.


All of our pricing, as well as package components, are clearly listed on our website. There are no hidden fees, set-up charges, breakdown fees, etc. If there are required permits, or parking fees or any other items, you will need to have a successful wedding event, we will be able to assist you.

Unique Experience

Even though you will be purchasing a pre-set package, we offer several choices (for ceremony decor, wedding ceremony choices, ceremony music playlist, etc.) so your St. Augustine Beach Wedding will be uniquely yours!

Professional Staff

Our professional, qualified, and dedicated staff, know that your St. Augustine Beach Wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we strive to make it the best it can be.

St. Augustine beach weddings with a professional and reliable beach wedding company will allow you to relax on your wedding day.

We look forward to hearing from you about your plans for a beach wedding in St. Augustine

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